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Our products are all of the very best quality and our aim is complete customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your purchase, return it to us within 7 days of receipt of your order if possible, quoting your name, address and email address for an immediate exchange or refund. We allow 28 days from purchase date for you to return unwanted/incorrect items. All contact details can be found here.


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Energy-Pak products are not sold as medical devices. Our products are not sold to cure disease and no guarantee of effectiveness of product is made. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace any instructions or prescriptions prescribed by your doctor. You should not use Energy-Pak products if you are wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electro-medical device or if you are pregnant. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, credit cards or any other magnetic media. If in doubt, seek advise from your doctor.

Your questions answered on using Energy-Pak

How do you use Energy-Pak foil?

The pack contains one piece of alternate-magnetic foil covered in aluminium/gold foil; four double-sided hypo-allergenic (low allergic potential) adhesive sheets and a supply of sterile alcohol swabs.

  1. Clean the affected area with one sterile alcohol swab. If it is very hairy, shave the area.
  2. Remove the white protective paper from the magnetic strip to reveal the adhesive surface.
  3. Apply the strip to the affected area by the adhesive side, leaving the golden side faced up.
  4. When re-using the magnetic foil, remove the rough-sided paper from one of the double-sided adhesive sheets and attach it to the sticky side of the magnetic foil. Then remove the smooth paper protective covering and re-apply the magnetic foil to the affected area. This procedure can be repeated with each of the double-sided adhesive sheets.
  5. Use surgical spirit or a brand of suitable adhesive remover to remove any adhesive left on the skin. NB If you don't want to use the adhesive at all, simply leave the backing paper in place and secure the foil with a light bandage or sticking plasters. You can also easily remove the adhesive using a suitable solvent or simply rub it off with you thumb.

Where do you apply the magnetic foil?

To any affected area. In awkward places such as the knee or elbow you can hold the foil in place with a bandage, keeping the adhesive side covered with the protective paper ready for use another time. When applying the bandage to hold the foil in place be sure not to tie too tightly. Do not apply the foil directly to open sores or wounds. If you want to treat wounds or varicose ulcers, for example, the foil can be included within the sterile dressing.

Can the magnetic foil be cut?

Yes, it can be cut to any size, but it is preferable to cut it along the longest edge if only a very narrow strip is required.

How long can you leave the foil on?

It can be left on for up to seven days, taken off for two days and then reapplied. This minimises the possibility of skin-sensitivity caused by the adhesive. If necessary, apply new adhesive provided in the pack. It is probably best to continue foil application for about two weeks after the complaint appears to be relieved so as to get the best from the treatment.

How do you store the magnetic foil?

The foil does not lose it's magnetism, so if you look after it carefully you can use it many times. Keep it in the plastic pack provided and avoid direct exposure to sun and heat. Do not store it in close contact with audio or video tapes, films with magnetic sound-tracks and other devices which could be damaged by exposure to magnetic fields. Naturally, it should not be applied anywhere near a cardiac pacemaker, if you have one.

How do you remember the adhesive when you take the foil off?

You can use any of the proprietary brands of adhesive remover or surgical spirit on cotton wool.

Should you carry on with other medications or treatments while using the foil?

Yes. There are no known interactions with the foil and any medications. never stop any medication without first consulting your doctor.

Can the adhesive cause a skin reaction?

Sometimes. It can in people with exceptionally sensitive skin, even though the adhesive is hypoallergenic. If the itches a lot or becomes inflamed (goes red), remove the foil at once and the irritation will quickly disappear.

Does the foil have any side effects?

None have been reported but there can be short-lived worsening of the complaint for a few days after the foil is first applied. This is usually a sign that things are on the mend.

Are there any reasons for removing the foil before the condition is completely better?

Yes. You should remove the foil if your complaint is getting much worse (go and see your doctor at once); if there is any skin reaction to the adhesive (see above); or if you are having an x-ray or short wave therapy.

How many times can you re-use the foil?

You can re-use the foil over and over again – it retains it's magnetism for years. It can be re-used for as long as the adhesive sheets supplied in the pack last and then it can be fixed in place with a sticking plaster or a light bandage. To get the best use from your foil, keep it on for seven days at a time.

If ever the problem for which you are using the foil does not improve – consult your doctor.

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