EnergyPak Magnetic foil - magnetic therapy: the natural way to kill pain - reduce Inflammation, restore energy levels, increase blood circulation and support the healing process
EnergyPak Magnetic Foil

Energy-Pak Alternate-Magnetic Foil is a unique way of applying magnetic force to the skin and the tissues just beneath. It is made up of a series of magnets lying in a particular pattern scientifically determined to produce effects which are demonstrably superior to those produced by putting an ordinary magnet on the skin.

IThe foil can be cut to any size and you can apply it to any affected area. In awkward places such as the knee or elbow you can hold the foil in place with a bandage, keeping the adhesive side covered with the protective paper ready for use another time.

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Standard Energy Pak: £12.00 (inc VAT)

Energy Pak Sports Pro: £16.85(inc VAT)

Code Name Price exc VAT Quantity
EPS01 Energy Pak Standard  
EPS02 Energy Pak Sports Pro  

Handy sized pieces of re-usable flexible magnetic foil
which conserve body heat to aid healing. Unique magnetic pattern ensures optimum penetration of tissues. Can be cut to size if necessary.
Standard pack: Magnetic foil size 100 x 60 mm

Sports Pro pack: Magnetic foil size 95 x 55 mm - includes fixing bandage

Both items come with alcohol based sterile wipes.

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