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Energy-Pak magnetic foil

EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular achesMagnetic materials such as Energy-Pak when placed on the skin produce several measurable biological effects:

  • Induction voltages in the tissues under the influence of the field
  • Motion in magnetically-charged body chemicals
  • Electromagnetic forces vertical to the ions in the blood flowing in capillaries under the foil
  • Local increase in blood circulation

EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular achesSeveral body cells and tissues contain ferromagnetic substances which can be influenced temporarily by externally applied static magnetic fields. Red blood cells (because they contain the iron-containing pigment haemoglobin) have magnetic properties. Plasma contains substances such as sodium and potassium which have paramagnetic properties while others such as copper have diamagnetic properties.

Research is still continuing in this field of medicine, but there is evidence from satisfied customers that the foil has very definite effects on the human body.

Energy-Pak Alternate-Magnetic Foil is a unique way of applying magnetic force to the skin and the tissues just beneath. It is made up of a series of magnets lying in a particular pattern scientifically determined to produce effects which are demonstrably superior to those produced by putting an ordinary magnet on the skin.

It has been known for some years that magnetic fields have biological effects on living tissues and organisms and undoubtedly north and south poles have different actions. Unfortunately, despite some claims made to the contrary, medical research is still at the stage of being unable to predict which pole is ideal for any particular condition in real life (as opposed to in laboratory experiments) so it is still not possible to be sure that putting a given pole over a specific condition will produce desired results. For this reason Energy-Pak Alternate-Magnetic Foil has been designed with a field pattern that has been shown to stimulate blood vessels in all layers of the skin and in some of the most superficial tissues immediately underneath.

EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular achesEarly clinical trials using single pole magnets (either a north or a south pole) were not as successful as the researchers had hoped so they experimented with alternate north and south fields placed alongside each other as in the diagram. This layout of the magnetic fields has the advantage of retaining the magnetic field strength for longer than magnetic foil with one pole only thus giving the product a longer life, and it also restricts the penetration of the magnetic field to the skin and the tissues just beneath. This latter seems to be important at a time when we do not know of the effect of magnetic fields on deep tissues of the body.

Although Energy-Pak has a local effect on the tissues immediately beneath it there is little doubt that it also produces distant effects by stimulating acupuncture points. Indeed, the earliest trials used Energy-Pak on acupuncture points to produce the same effect as those produced by using needles - but painlessly.

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One side of the foil is covered with a thin layer of aluminium and gold. This not only strengthens the foil but reflects body heat and causes local warming of the skin under the foil. Sensitive heat measurements using the latest thermographic technology show that the foil causes a definite rise in skin temperature in the area to which it is applied.

The magnetic force has been proven to penetrate the skin to a depth of 7mm. (about one-third of an inch).

New uses for the foil are being found all the time as a result of research programmes all over Europe, but it is currently being used to help the following problems:

  • Joint aches and pains
  • Bruises
  • Minor sports injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Backache
  • Muscular tension
  • Lumpy scars

Most of these conditions are relieved, at least to some extent, within hours and certainly within days of applying the foil, but lumpy scars may take months to become smoother. Where a condition is painful, there is often a substantial reduction in pain within hours.

For more information on using Energy-Pak, view our frequently asked questions page

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history | how it works | Energy-Pak foil
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