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How Magnetic Therapy works

EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular achesThere are several solid theories about how the interaction of magnetic fields with the body heal and provide relief from pain. The primary basis of these theories relates to the fact that the earth's magnetic field has a significant impact on all living things and that life itself is dependent on magnetic energy. A striking example of this connection was discovered by NASA. The first astronauts to orbit earth outside of the earth's magnetic field returned home sick and weakened. NASA scientists discovered their illness was caused by a lack of magnetism and solved the problem by placing magnets in spacecraft and space suits.

EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular achesMagnetism affects the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. It is constantly penetrating all particles, right down to the atom. Magnetism's ordering effect on living systems arises from the fact that magnetism is a blueprint of life itself. Recent research indicates that magnetism has a very significant biological effect on the human body. Following is a list of the processes believed to take place when the body is exposed to magnetic fields which contribute to pain relief and improved health.

  • Magnetism increases the electrical conductivity of the blood. Weak current runs through the magnetic field and the quantity of ions is increased - the ionized blood circulating throughout the body improves the efficiency of blood flow, as well as stabilizing blood pressure
  • EnergyPak Magnetic foil | Drug free pain relief for treatment of sports injuries and muscular aches Blood contains iron, or ferrous hemoglobin, which is a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As blood circulates through the lungs, fully magnetized ferrous hemoglobin is able to carry more oxygen to cell tissue as well as take more carbon dioxide waste from cells back to the lungs for removal.
  • When tissue is exposed to a magnetic field, a secondary current is created around the flux lines in the cells. This ionizes the protoplasm and energies the cell tissue by activating cell metabolism. Cell functions are strengthened as the cell metabolism responds to the electrical currents initiated by the magnetic field. This current can cause muscle spasms to decrease, as well as decreasing inflammation of tissue. The increase in the cell metabolism aids both new cell growth and cell regeneration.
  • The negative pole energy of a magnetic field interferes with the ability of nerve cells to transmit pain impulses to the brain where the pain is registered. When a negative magnetic field is placed over a nerve, the positively charged ions of the nerve impulse are attracted to the negative magnetic field, thereby impeding the flow of the positively charged ions through the nerves to the brain.
  • Magnetism may work to regulate and/or normalize hormone secretion in the glands. A theory is that the increased electrical current being produced by a magnet forms a 'net' around the glands and secretory ducts. Increased concentration of oxygen stimulates production while the 'net' optimizes secretion. Normalizing the hormone functions within the body affects conditions caused by a hormone imbalance. Hormones are an important factor in rejuvenation and overall energy levels, while proper circulation ensures that hormone levels are distributed evenly through out the body.
history | how it works | Energy-Pak foil
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